21 January 2017

Spaudings (African-American) Sapelo Island

I am a descendant of the Spauldings from Sapelo Island Grorgia and I am trying to find information particularly on Frances Spaulding born in 1890.  She married Ruben Grovner and they had three children from what I can see:  Janie born in 1916, Frances born in 1918 and Ruben Jr., born in 1923.  I was trying to find out the parents of Frances Spaulding and her siblings.

I am also trying to find information on Sophia Spaulding, she was born on Sapelo about 1849.  I am looking for her parents and siblings as well.

Any help will be appreciated.  Thanks so much.

Please contact me at: easleys@musc.edu

Samuel W. Wilson and Pierce Butler Wilson

I am researching the Wilson side of the family and am stuck around 1850 in a Glynn County Census.  I find Samuel W. Wilson, age 28, Anna Wilson, age 54 and Pierce Butler Wilson, age 13 and my great, great grandfather.

In the family papers I have letter from Pierce Butler (Mease) to Anna from 1837 regarding Samuel going to study.  I am assuming medical school.  We wondered where the Pierce Butler name connection came in and now I know.  Samuel was the plantation doctor for Butler at some point.

I know Samuel was sent to retrieve John Butler’s body in Mexico and take it Pennsylvania.  I know Samuel was the plantation boss at some point, as well.  What I cannot find is any reference to them prior to the census in 1850. 

I am also assuming Samuel and Pierce were brothers.  I do know that Pierce was commissioned in the Confederate Army as a Major put in charge of the manufacture of all gun powder for the Confederate States. 

If you have any information on when the Wilson’s got there (both boys born in Pennsylvania) or anything about them prior to this period in Georgia I would greatly appreciate it.

Thank you,

Ric Wilson

James Thomas Stovall

We, my husband and I have been trying to find information about the birth of his grandfather for many years.  The earliest record we have of him is a enlistment form for the Spanish American War. He says there that he was born 21 December 1880 in Brunswick, Georgia.

His name is James "Thomas" Stovall.

Later forms he filled out for other military registration says he was born in Augusta.  I cannot find any birth registrations for him or nothing where he is with his parents.  His death certificate states his fathers name is
Pete and his mothers name is Louisa.  I can't locate that either.  I do know there was another James Thomas Stovall born in an adjoining county about a year earlier.  As it turns out, they both died in California.

Your help is greatly appreciated.

ValJean Wright

14 August 2016

Robert Stafford

Hi Amy, I am researching the paternal side of my father's family.

I am a direct descendant of Robert Stafford who once resided and whom is buried on Cumberland Island.

Any and all information would be useful.

Thank you in advance.

The great great grand daughter of Robert Stafford of Cumberland Island.

Angela Stafford-Shuck

04 August 2016

Sending in Research Requests, Again

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Amy Lyn Hedrick
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Slave Robert Adilson

I posted this request even though the person did not provide their contact information because we have so few requests for help on researching enslaved ancestors.

Hopefully, the person who sent this in will either post their contact info in the comments or send in another email, following the guidelines I post at the top of this blog stating you must include a way to contact you because you are not really sending an email to me, you are sending a post to this blog and therefore your return email and name are not included.

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============Begin Request==============

Friend, I would like to know information about a slave named ROBERT ADILSON, born in June 1864 in the city of Darien in McIntosh County, Georgia.

I wonder if after 1870, he was able to study, what was your profession and what was his Church and had some role in this religion.

I know he had five children, all of Darien; and if possible a picture of Robert.

Thank you and God bless you.

==============End Request==============

Purvis School

Would like to know if anyone has a picture of the Purvis School back in the 1940's.

I attended school there and the school was so crowded that we attended in shifts.

My 4th grade teacher was Miss Pesterfield.

I lived in the apartments on Amherst Street during WWII.

My email address is : dixie3434@yahoo.com

26 May 2016

The Weeping Time; Sale of #12 Patterson

Good afternoon.  I am trying to find out information on a slave named "Patterson", who was #12 on the chattel list from the great slave sale of 1859 in Savannah.  I live in Canada so it is very difficult to do much searching from here.

It would be wonderful if anybody had any information.  I do believe he may have fought in the civil war?

Thanks very much


27 March 2016

Researching Westberry Family Tree

You have a copy  of the Glynn County Confederate Pension Roll that lists out relative, actually his widow as receiving monies after he was killed in action. I would like to simply make a copy of this page but I am not allowed without your permission.

This would not only give proof that he served but also provide evidence that he was killed in action.

If I could have permission to copy this page, I will not bother you any further.

I am so grateful for people like you who do the legwork for people like me who are confined to my home due to illness that limit our mobility.
Be Blessed
Paula I Westberry, PhD, RN
Phone - 863-314-0315
Fax -     863-385-9502


Greenwood Cemetery Map

Is there a place where I can see a map of Greenwood Cemetery?  Specifically looking for Section and Lot locations?

Thank you.

Karen Richardson

28 December 2015

Brunswick Massey Family


I am producer with Pilgrim Studios in Los Angeles, currently working on
season 9 of the series, "Ghost Hunters," which airs on SyFy Channel. I
am researching a case in Brunswick, Georgia, and would love to find out
more information about a Brunswick Police Officer who died in the line
of duty at Brunswick Old City Hall in 1890.

The officer's name was Robert L. Massey. I would love to have any
information about his family (I am specifically trying to find out if
law enforcement was a family business or how Officer Massey came to join
the force).

Thanks for any ideas!


Leslie Lindsey
Story Producer, Pilgrim Studios
818.478.4652 (direct)

"Le Silvain" Ship's Master's Book

On the DuBignon Cemetery page of the GlynnGen website there is a reference to the ship's master's book of the ship Le Silvain that sailed from St. Malo, France to Savannah in 1790 and 1792.  Do you know where I can find that book.  My great...great grandfather was Bernard Lefils who with his family was also on Le Silvain in 1792, and I am trying to find anything I can about where he came from in France.
Bob Hogan
Chapel Hill, NC

Fwd: Palmetto cemetery

From: kaye <kpaletz@verizon.net>
Date: January 8, 2014 4:54:32 PM EST

I have many many relatives buried there and I wanted someone to just list the names that were in the same vicinity. I can easily get exact location. Many thanks. K

Smith house

Amy, I am seeking any information on a school that was held at 721 Grant street, Ms. Fanny Smith (1875-1960 )and her sister Ms. Josephine Smith (1871-1945) lived at the house . Josephine taught school at the house for 45 years. Her father was the second editor of the Brunswick Appeal (1869-1875) The family is buried at Oak Grove Cemetery. I have deeds, sanborn maps, obits, and church records but I can't find anything about what kind of school Josephine taught and to whom she taught. Help would be appreciated.

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Ashantilly Center in Darien


The information on the site is fantastic, and as I research both Thomas Spalding and the William G Haynes family in Darien, the information on the site has been so helpful! Where are the original documents?

I serve on the Board of Ashantilly, and if you have not been up to see our site, please call me to arrange a tour! 

Best regards, 

Harriet Langford
cell: 912 230-6962

Ruth Snowball

My mother, born Sep11, 1902, ran away from home when she was 14.  She left Yulee, Florida, and made her way to Glynn County where she was taken in by a group of Catholic nuns who had a school for girls.  I always thought this school was in St. Mary's, but no one there seems to have heard of it.  Maybe the school was in Brunswick.  Have you ever heard of such a place, ca. 1916?  Thanks.  Alyce Finder

Obit look-up

Hi my Name is Cheryl Beggs from Sikeston Missouri, I am looking for an obituary for   Michael Abraham "Abe" Alfultis (Abe M. Alfultis) born 23 June 1904 in Indiana and died 3 March 1990 in Brunswick, Glynn, GA his 1st wife was Jewell Bullock and I believe his 2nd was Susie Cook. Death certificate number 010720 filed 16th of March 1990, I would like information on his burial.
Thank you
Cheryl Beggs

glenngen.com email not working


I tried to send an email to you with info. I have on Berry Walker Morgan (b 183801839 GA), son of Samuel B Morgan & Keziah Walker...but both times I tried it aborted with the message that amylyn@glenngen.com was an invalid email address.

Research Request

 Hi Amy:

I currently live in Virginia but was born and grew up on Saint Simons island in the Harrington section. I try to research and document information about the area particularly African-American history. I am in the process now of trying to write down some of my memories and plan to print with photographs I have for the grandchildren who weren't born on the island.

A few years ago I asked Pat Morris who was then the  Director of the museum at the Light House on Saint Simons if she knew how  the ancestors of the current residents of  Harrington got their property. She gave me a paper listing the grantor and the grantee, the information indicated how the Ramsey's, Sullivan and Philson families received the land. Apparently, James Maxwell Couper was the grantor for most of the land of Harrington.  I am related to the Ramsey, Wing, Davis families on my paternal side and the Stewart, Lee and Morrison families on my maternal side. I am trying to find out how the Stewart family Millard (1840) and Adeline (1850) received their property which included quite a bit of land from North mid North Harrington Road to the waterfront facing Sea Island.  Unfortunately, the Stewart family name was not listed on the paper that Pat Morris gave me.

Where would I look to find this  information? I doubt those records are online I visit the area usually twice a year since some of my family still live there. Would that type of record be kept with the original deeds in the tax office of Glynn County? I'd appreciate a response because if the records are not online, I can research the information if I know where to look. Thanks.

Dannie Wing-Davis 

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Oak Grove Cemetery

The Oak Grove Cemetery Society desperately needs old (1800s -1950) photos of the cemetery. This could be photos of funerals because we are writing a grant to receive money for gardening and we have to have proof there was gardening done there. There HAS to be old photos out there showing the chapel and the other areas of the grounds. Can we ask the public to look through their old photos?
Thanks, GuyNel
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